In Touch Therapies because…

We all deserve to feel comfortable, strong, and at ease in our bodies.

Skillful touch, attention, and movement center us in body and mind
so that we can meet the everyday challenges of our lives
with more ease, more joy,
and better connection to the best in ourselves.

It’s not always easy to be at our best.

In their efforts to perform muscles tighten and fatigue;
tissues wrinkle, twist, thicken and stick; breathing becomes shallow.
We toggle from revved up to collapsed and back.
We carry our histories in our bodies.
Too much stress can overwhelm our ability to compensate,
leading to pain or injury,
or to changes in who we are and how we inhabit our world.

You do not have to accept these developments as normal.

Bodywork unravels restrictions restoring freedom of movement.
Deep relaxation of body and mind
and careful, kind attention
allow you to learn and/or re-learn habits of ease.
You can feel comfortable, strong, and at ease in your body.
There are many ways to get there.

Together we can find the ways that work for you.